Things to Consider When Redesigning a Bathroom for the Handicapped

When handling the project of redesigning a bathroom for the handicapped, there are numerous decisions that will need to be made to make ease of access a top priority for an individual with impairment. Whether for a good friend, family member or next-door neighbor, this short article will certainly offer you top tips to take into consideration to provide total convenience and a sense of self-reliance.


Room is the most crucial element to take into consideration when remodeling a bathroom for the handicap. There has to be enough room for the handicapped to steer along with anyone who may also be assisting them. The quantity of area needed depends substantially on what the person requires daily. For instance, if the person is in a wheelchair you might need even more a fantastic amount of space to steer in, or you might also take into consideration enlarging the doorway. You may also want to think about an open layout. Have tubs or showers in corners, leaving more open center area to relocate round in.

bathroom for handicap

Sinks and Counters:

When deciding on what sinks and counters to get, you would certainly want to think about the clearance level each will certainly permit. Making sure to have enough area to make sure an individual in a mobility device or mobility scooter can suit, is necessary for convenience. To make certain the elevation is ideal, determine your loved one combined with the elevation of the sink or counter.

Safety and security:

Making the bathroom a secure environment is additionally a top priority. Setting up grab bars can include a sense of security in situation a crash or a slip occurs. Terrific places to add bars are by the commode, along the wall surface, in the shower and also any kind of various other locations where equilibrium may be called for.


Continuing with the security style, you also want to consider the flooring surface area you select. Picking something glossy or unsafe can be the reason for a hazardous loss. Think about picking tile that has a harsh, shabby appearance or anything non-slippery. You have to bear in mind that a bathroom is vulnerable to wetness. And we all know what wetness on a slippery surface area can do.


The last point you might want to consider when renovating a bathroom for the handicap is mounting shelves or business systems. Systems that can be positioned low on the wall surface or in a bathroom for handicap wardrobe, will certainly confirm to be very beneficial for your enjoyed one having direct access to anything that they might need.

There are a number of ideas to consider, but these should certainly get you started. Remember that security, convenience and comfort are one of the most essential aspects.


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