Role of information technology in business growth

Information Technology Department consisted of a Computer Operator, who may be storing data and then placing it. Information technology’s history is intriguing. The requirements of this competitive business environment on the one hand and changes in the character of computers at the other drive information technology. IT systems come in several devices’ form that helps deliver important to supervisors who in turn, use this information to make decision concerning the organization’s operations. Information or Internet Technology can come in the shape of decision support systems, robots, sensors, and computers. The type of Technologies Information and that is being implemented in the marketplace today is using handholds to assist subordinates and supervisors in their day.

information technology

Computer Technology Auditing IT auditing started as Electronic Data Procedure EDP Auditing and developed largely because of the growth in technology in accounting systems, the demand for IT control and the effect of computers on the capability to perform attestation services. It is currently revolutionizing how business operates. Advanced technology has become the force shaping the structure and working of plants work organizations, offices, and executive suites. When folks hear the words Information and company engineering, the first thing that comes to their mind is computers and the Internet. It might also bring up words likenetwork, intranet, host, firewall, safety, and more arcane expressions such as router, T-1, Ethernet, or the mysterious and exotic-sounding VOIP. The expression Business IT isn’t new and hasn’t always referred to things concerning computer. If you consider the brain as an information processor, information technology is as old as the mind itself.


That goes back as far as the earliest efforts to convey and store data as far as IT being a science. And that is basically what information technology is: storage and the communication of data, together with the ability saved. Information technologies are using software and computers. In some businesses, this is called Management Information Services or MIS or just as Information Services or IS. A large company’s information technology department would be responsible for processing the techniques, protecting information, keeping data, transmitting the data and retrieving information. The advantages resulting from IT Technology gains were in many diverse forms like allowing all companies to accomplish tasks they were doing before reduced prices, it opened up chances to do things never tried before, also allowed companies tore-engineer portions of the companies and make better tactical positions.