Where are the worst areas for bad neighbours?

No one likes to live close to bad neighbours. Property experts have found out not only what the most common reasons for disputes between neighbours are, but also where the worst areas can be found.

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When you move house, you can get all the checks done on the house and area with a survey, in addition to finding out about the local facilities, schools, transport links, and shops nearby. It’s a good idea to do some background reading about an area before you move. For example, look through local papers, check online and read through a property news blog to see what an area has to offer. There are plenty of ideas on a property news blog about the things you need to think about.

The problem is that you only get to find out about the neighbours once you’ve moved in. Research from regulated property buyers Good Move showed some of the worst areas for bad neighbours:


In Wales, 72 per cent of residents reported that they’d experienced problems with neighbours. The main reasons for the disputes revolved around gardens. Many people complained about overgrown gardens, with trees, plants and shrubs protruding over borders into neighbours’ gardens. There were also complaints about items being thrown into their gardens and neighbours’ trees being cut down.

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Northern England

In Northern England, where 70% of people said they had had arguments with their neighbours, the main cause for complaint seemed to be loud music and parties, with 23 per cent complaining about loud parties. Poor garden maintenance was also a problem, with 18 percent of people complaining about this.

South West England

Following close behind, in South West England, 69% percent of people said that they’d had problems with their neighbours. Inconsiderate car parking was the main reason for the complaints. Almost 25% of those questioned said that neighbours had caused upset by parking their cars on their driveway or outside their house.

South East England

The people in South East England said that rubbish bins had caused problems with neighbourhood disputes, with people putting rubbish in neighbours’ bins.

Before you plan your move, take a look through a good property news blog and do your homework on the area and the things you need to consider when you move.

Time spent researching beforehand could save a lot of frustration and anxiety in the long run.