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Fruit Delivery

Fruit delivery is a quick and easy way to give someone a great surprise. Corporate gifts of fruit for the office are a nice treat. Home fruit delivery is also something that may brighten the day for someone. Many companies are available online and also locally that can deliver fruit the same day or next with great selections.

Type of Fruit Delivery

Baskets of apples, oranges and pears are a common arrangement of fresh fruit for delivery. Some companies also offer glazed fruit or candied fruits in addition to the fresh fruit as well as chocolates and cheeses.

Fruit of the month clubs are also another recurring fruit delivery option. Buyers select the length of time they want the fruit delivery to occur over, usually 3-month, 6-month, 9-month or 12-month. Each month a different fresh fruit box is delivered.

Tips for Fruit Gifts

Use fruit delivery for hard-to-buy-for relatives.

Give fruit baskets to loyal customers or clients.

Sample a delivery of fruit from the companies to check on quality.

Check the delivery area they company can handle.

If you want organic fruit delivered, there are fruit delivery companies specializing in organic and conventional fruit.

Check with the fruit delivery company to see how they handle satisfaction, some places may issue a credit or offer replacement of the fruit.

Most fruit delivery companies accept credit card or purchase orders for corporate fruit gifts.

Weekly office fruit delivery is great for a wellness program

Alternative to Flowers

Fruit delivery is great for people that might be allergic to flowers, or prefer something a little more useful. Edible fresh fruit bouquets are a great replacement for flower delivery. A talented arranger can create many options. Some customers may prefer to visit a local fruit delivery company for more elaborate fruit bouquet designs, though most online companies have great selections. backload delivery

Storage of Fresh Fruit Delivery

Once the fruit delivery arrives at the destination, whole fruits should be rinsed before eaten. Fruit from delivery services is usually more fresh than from a local store. The fruit delivery from some companies goes from the harvest field directly to the customer. Check where the fruit is coming from before you select a final fruit delivery company.

Give Fruit Delivery

Office fruit delivery is a nice part of a company wellness program. Weekly delivery to the office can have immediate results on the morale of the employees. Most fruit delivery companies can set up a regular order. Weekly delivery of fruit offers employees a healthy snack.