Knowing the Performance of HostGator vs Bluehost

Web Hosting Providers are extremely aggressive, and the monthly costs Continues to fall and that is a terrific thing for all customers equally. Along with the web hosting companies today require more than cost to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. One company with terrific history and expertise is BlueHost Web Hosting.web host

BlueHost Offers Performance

The operation of BlueHost is absolutely outstanding. They separate themselves with a 99.9% uptime that is quite impressive. Also, BlueHost has just upgraded their plans to provide unlimited web hosting which means unlimited bandwidth and web hosting storage. They continue to keep their quality servers and are devoted to providing web hosting at its finest!

BlueHost also offers the ability to host unlimited domains on one account, not to mention a free domain name. This also includes unlimited parked domains, sub domains and add on domains. This is a superb feature because now you do not need to have 50 accounts for 50 unique websites. You may manage all your websites within one account.

BlueHost Has Expertise

BlueHost opened its doors and continues to grow at a fantastic rate. They specialize in shared web hosting and have just attained hosting over 1 million domain names. They currently employ over 200 people and are dedicated to providing solid web hosting for all their clients. And of course, they continue to win awards throughout the net on numerous web hosting comparison websites.

BlueHost Offers Customer Support

Here’s a Hosting Company which pridesĀ HostGator vs Bluehost themselves on offering the highest degree Of support with friendly and patient support staff waiting to address your requirements. Their web hosting group has experience and knows what it takes to be the very best and knows how critical your site needs are. BlueHost has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of personal and business web sites but really formed into BlueHost.

BlueHost hosts Over 1,000,000 domains and have attained this landmark due to the high quality service offered. What a terrific success, particularly over a little duration of time. BlueHost was formally established in 2003 and has been growing rapidly ever since.

BlueHost is in the Proper Price Point

BlueHost provides shared web hosting at a very reasonable price point. The monthly price for a web hosting plan is 6.95 per month if you register for a 24 Month or 36 month program. You can also register for shorter durations, however the plan’s monthly cost does increase a little. For the many features and advantages that BlueHost offers, this cost is right on and you ought to be extremely pleased with the services.