Several desserts have been invented in the world to sort the sweet hunger pangs that one gets before or after every meal. Through same ingredients but with different compositions, textures and temperatures various sweets have come into existence which were successfully capable in creating their own identity and make a remarkable dish in the food industry. Cupcakes are definitely one of them.

For example, an item consisting with five main ingredients flour, eggs, butter, sugar and some essence can create multiple versions of the sweet dish.

Brownie, cookie, cake, cupcake and muffin emerged as the best inventions in history when these ingredients were placed with different values. If a frosting is inside, that is a cake but if it is laid on the top, it becomes a cupcake. In case, if there is no frosting over the top, it simply becomes a muffin. It is indeed marvelous how the food techniques work.

Cupcake has got its origin in 1796 at the Amelia Simmons American Cookery but it emerged as an individual in the 19th century. Variations began to appear as the chefs worked hard to make it more delightful by adding and presenting it with more ingredients. Cupcake bouquet became a thing for birthdays and prosecco was added to give it a tipsy edge.

Apart from that lemon meringue, pecan, key lime pie and Neapolitan ice-cream flavors introduced are considered quite exceptional. But it never leaves its true fluffy sweet moisture regardless of the flavor added and that is the best thing about cupcakes. Frosting may vary but never the texture.