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Should we consider Singapore short term apartment rental?

A short-term lease is a rental agreement that lasts less than six months, whereas a standard apartment lease lasts a year. A short-term lease is, of course, shorter. Depending on what you can negotiate with the landlord, such leases might be week-to-week, month-to-month, or you can commit to a certain period. Let’s see why you should try Singapore short term apartment rental.

Why consider short term rental?

There are several circumstances in which a short-term lease should be considered. You may need to relocate temporarily for work or you may be unsure about living in a specific location and would like to check it out for a while. A short-term lease might help you in any circumstance when you need to be flexible. You may move in and out fast and with little notice, and landlords can be more flexible with contracts. Short-term leases do tend to have higher rent costs and more loosened conditions, which means that both the price and rental terms are subject to alter at any time. This includes contract termination, which implies that the renter or landlord can cancel the contract at any moment, leaving the rental property empty or a tenant without a place to live.


While many landlords do not expressly offer short-term leases, others are ready to work with you to find a solution, so don’t be hesitant to ask. You can find many Singapore short term apartment rental services. You can quickly move in or move out as lease terms are flexible. But the rent prices might rise. Changes in lease conditions are possible, as is contract termination with minimal notice.